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The most wonderful villages of Ciociaria: 4 Orange Flags

Villages of Ciociaria

Are you looking to plan a trip out of town in the Lazio region, or spend a Sunday afternoon in the name of slow tourism? A visit to a village is ideal for you.

Small picturesque villages, rich in Italian history and culture, an integral part of the Italian cultural identity, that fascinate us with captivating local stories and traditions.

Having travelled amidst the stunning villages in the countryside of Rome, from the Orange Flags in the province of Latina to those of Viterbo, let's explore now the most beautiful villages in the area of Frosinone.

Beautiful villages in the province of Frosinone

Amongst the most interesting places to see outside Rome is Ciociaria, with its curious history and centuries-old traditions. It is an ancient territory in the province of Frosinone, whose name derives from " cioce ", the footwear worn by peasants: picturesque villages are scattered around this area, surrounded by natural beauties, and home to historical secrets and breathtaking landscapes.

It is the perfect destination to visit with family and friends, to savour traditional food and wine and stroll around surrounded by art. Among the routes proposed by Acea Waidy Wow you will also find an itinerary that crosses the most beautiful stages of the Cammino di Canneto: the five municipalities to be explored during a suggestive trip in the province of Frosinone.

The Orange Flags of Ciociaria

Arpino (FR)

Homeland of generations of distinguished personalities, from Cicero to Domenico Mastroianni, the small town of Arpino, in the Liri Valley, is located in the province of Frosinone.

Its historical and cultural tradition is worthy of note: the emblematic Industrial Archaeological Museum of the Art of Wool, one of Arpino's flagships; the Mastroianni Foundation, with over one hundred works by the artist Umberto Mastroianni; the handcrafted mandolins of the Museo della Liuteria (Violin-making Museum), the Museum of Typographic Arts that narrates the golden age of printing. Arpino offers an itinerary between archeology and architecture, and its mediaeval alleys take you on a real journey into the past.

Collepardo (FR)

In the heart of the Ernici Mountains, the charming village of Collepardo is a succession of houses and squares revolving around the Town Hall and the Parish church, in perfect mediaeval style. Besides the church of SS. Salvatore, the patron saint of the town, walking through the alleys you can admire the Church of the Consolation and the Church of SS. Trinità, the remains of the city walls and mediaeval towers. The territory, between oaks and beeches, is marked by caves, opening onto a show of stalactites and stalagmites, ideal if you are looking for uncontaminated landscapes.

The most peculiar cultural feature of this municipality are the herbs and herbal medicine: Collepardo is home to one of the few botanical gardens in the Italian Apennines, with over 1,200 species of herbs from which, over the centuries, they made great medicines.

Picinisco (FR)

Among coloured stone houses decorated with geraniums, in the historical centre of Picinisco lies an 11th century castle. The village is surrounded by four gates, with Porta Rione, the main and best preserved one, leading to the street dedicated to the author Giustino Ferri, and to Piazza Fucina. Here you find the artist's home and the Church of San Lorenzo Levita e Martire with its illustrious organ built by Cesare Catarinozzi in 1739.

A rich and extraordinary village that also houses a centenary plane tree, in the centre of Piazza Capocci, Picinisco is the perfect solution for a romantic weekend.

San Donato Val di Comino (FR)

Among the most beautiful villages in Lazio we also find San Donato Val di Comino, a picturesque village made up of stone houses that overlook a lovely valley, where Ciociaria meets Abruzzo. Situated amidst the National Parks of Abruzzo, Molise and Lazio, this village includes the Sanctuary of San Donato, that you can reach through passages in the rock and panoramic views, and the Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria and San Marcello Papa.

You can admire the arches of San Donato, Porta Levante and dei Francesi and explore the artisan shops, famous for their stonemasons.