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Orange Flags near Rome: the most beautiful villages to visit

Orange Flags near Rome

Acea Waidy Wow's journey to discover the most beautiful villages in Lazio stop in Rome: the capital area is full of fascinating pearls to explore, small characteristic villages where time seems to have stopped.

Among the most popular types of travel, proximity tourism continues to climb the rankings: this approach leads travellers to discover the wonders that lie close to home, with a view to slow tourism and local enhancement.

After having covered the most curious routes, the most interesting itineraries in the region and the Orange Flag villages of Viterbo and Latina, let's see which are the villages near Rome where to spend a weekend out of town.

Villages to visit near Rome

The territory that surrounds the capital and runs through the Roman countryside is home to cultural, archaeological and natural sites that are the envy of the entire peninsula. Here are the three villages in the province of Rome that have been awarded the title of Orange Flag, the recognition instituted by the Italian Touring Club to guarantee tourist excellence, environmental commitment and cultural preservation of small municipalities with up to 5000 inhabitants.


The 'land of wild strawberries' is reflected in the lake of the same name: a small village surrounded by breathtaking scenery and teeming with tradition. Nemi is one of the most picturesque places in the Castelli Romani, perched on a cliff overlooking the lake.

The village is a true historical testimony: Nemi hosts a museum dedicated to Roman ships from 2000 years ago, with remains and scale models of boats that belonged to Caligula. Also dating back to ancient Rome is a late-Roman building complex, found during archaeological excavations, which is thought to have been inhabited by Caesar.


The Regional Natural Park of the Simbruini Mountains frames the medieval village of Subiaco, a small town suspended in time that boasts a rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage. Because of its characteristic natural surroundings, Subiaco is the ideal place for those who wish to practise outdoor sports, discover new running routes or go trekking.

Subiaco's most appreciated historical buildings include the Monastery of St Benedict, the Monastery of St Scholastica, the Convent of St Francis and the Abbey Fortress. Each of these places houses libraries and artistic specimens of great depth, but what defines Subiaco's atmosphere is its creative tradition: laboratories, workshops on paper crafts, artisan workshops transform the village into a lively painting.

Trevignano Romano

Trevignano Romano is an elegant village on Lake Bracciano. A quiet spot, but always busy with Roman tourists wishing to spend a weekend relaxing

The village lies within the Bracciano - Martignano Regional Natural Park is the natural habitat of many marsh species. An invaluable wealth, also for history enthusiasts: Trevignano Romano hosts a Civic Museum where it is possible to observe the Etruscan remains of the surrounding necropolis. But the tourist attraction par excellence is Rocca degli Orsini, the ideal spot for a romantic break, especially at sunset.

To find out the most hidden paths and visit the most beautiful villages in Italy, continue travelling with Waidy WOW: customise your experience with the routes available on the app and explore the suggestive waterways.