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Running route: how to choose the best one

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned runner, you surely know that the right running route can make a difference in a training session. But how do you choose the best one for your needs? There are some tips to keep in mind. Let's take a look at them together!

Before starting…

As said when talking about the 7 tips to start running, before hitting the pavement it’s important to evaluate your fitness level and your overall health. If it’s a hot day, your running route should avoid sunny areas and prefer shade. If you’re feeling tired, better avoid routes with many hills.

Running route: what kind of training?

The best running routes are the ones that best meet our needs. If you are training for a marathon (like Run Rome The Marathon) or if you are going on a mild recovery run, the preferred route will be different. In fact, when choosing and calculating the route for your run, you must take several aspects into consideration:

  • What distance you intend to run;
  • preference for a hilly or flat course;
  • type of terrain (pavement, trails or a mix of both?);
  • presence of water fountains along the way;
  • preference for a park or an urban area (in the latter case, consider the presence of traffic and pedestrians that could slow you down).

Running route: running at night, yes or no?

During the summer months, for many people running in the dark is the only option to avoid the heat. But even in winter, since the sun begins to set in the middle of the afternoon, running at night becomes an option to consider. It is important, however, to do it safely. Always wear suitable reflective clothing and avoid heavily trafficked or excessively isolated areas.

Calculating your running route: how to map it out

Nowadays, we all bring our smartphone with us on our run. And we also use it a lot. There are, in fact, numerous apps that allow you to trace your path in real time or to map it out beforehand. Among these is Acea Waidy Wow.

The App, available for both iOS and Android, allows you to create your own routes to share with the community, as well as choose from existing ones, such as the routes of Run Rome The Marathon (of which the app is a partner).

But that's not all, Acea Waidy Wow also has another useful feature: thanks to the geolocation service, it allows you to easily locate the closest water fountain to refill your bottle during the run, avoiding single use plastic. A very useful feature to quench your thirst in a sustainable way.