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Discover 7 tips to start running!

How to start running safely

Have you decided to start running? Excellent decision! But before diving headfirst into a run, we recommend taking a look at these 7 tips that will help you face this new adventure the right way.

1. Get a preventive medical check-up

Before leaving for a long trip, don't you get your car checked out? The same applies to your body! Before getting into running, it's essential to have a sports-medical check-up to test your lung and heart function under stress and your fitness for physical activity.

2. Get the right clothes

To start jogging, you need to equip yourself with the right clothing - above all, with appropriate running shoes. Don't wear walking shoes. The best thing you can do is go to a specialized running store and get expert advice based on your type of gait.

3. Start gradually and don't overdo it

You're not thinking of starting with an hour of running, right? One of the most commonly asked questions is, "How long should I run to start off?" The most sensible thing to do is start small, perhaps alternating a few minutes of running with brisk walking. On specialized websites, you can find tables with detailed programmes to start running.

4. Hydrate during training

An adult’s average water intake is about 2 litres per day. This need increases with more intense physical activity. During exercise, bring a water bottle to refill at public fountains (you can find the nearest fountain on the Waidy WOW map) and take small sips of water every now and then. Remember that you can also monitor your hydration with the Acea Waidy Wow app.

5. Choose the right route

Finding the right route - for example, one without too many hills - is essential to start running without overdoing it. Changing your running routes frequently is also a great way to avoid getting bored early on and running the risk of losing your initial enthusiasm.

Tip: discover FUN RACE, the 5K race of Acea Run Rome The Marathon. Follow the route on Acea Waidy Wow to find out where all of the water fountains are, so you can refill your water bottle along the way!

6. Train your whole body

You don't just use your legs to run - your whole body gets involved. To maintain a proper form, you must train all muscle groups: abs, back, shoulders, and neck especially.

7. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

If you've decided to start running and want to feel fit, we recommend following a healthy lifestyle for the rest of the day, too. Stay hydrated, avoid driving and try to walk whenever you can, and eat regularly.

Your body will thank you!