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The Fountain of Love - Between History and Legend

Fountain of Love in Rome

Did you know that in Rome, you can find a virtually unknown fountain just next to one of the most famous fountains in the world? We are talking about the Fountain of Love, or Fontanella degli Innamorati, located on the right side of the Trevi Fountain! This water source is featured at the heart of an ancient legend. Let's discover all the secrets harbored by this romantic site with Acea Waidy Wow.

A Symbolic Crossing of Two Water Jets

The Fountain of Love, located on the right side of the Trevi Fountain, is made up of two simple water spouts, that cross before landing together in the stone basin below.
Why was this fountain built? When the architect Nicola Salvi was commissioned to design the Trevi Fountain by Pope Clement XII, he decided to equip the monument with these two spouts in order to enable people to access the pure and clean water of the Acqua Vergine aqueduct, which would have otherwise remained inaccessible.
What about the arrangement of the spouts? There are at least two reasons behind Salvi's choice. The two jets of water were designed in order to allow Roman women to fill their wineskins faster. In addition to its practical function, the positioning of the cannulae also had great symbolic value, as it refers to the two white doves that drink together at the fountain. In Christian symbolism, these represent Christian souls whose thirst was satisfied by God's grace. The Fountain of Love also represented a tribute to the client (Pope Clement XII) who commissioned the work!

The Romantic Legend of the Fountain of Love

According to an ancient legend, couples who drink together from this fountain will remain in love and faithful forever.
The following ritual would be carried out every time a couple was forced to separate for some time due to serving in the military. On the evening before, the two lovers would go to the Fountain of Love, the woman would fill two previously unused glasses with water and hand one glass to her beloved man. Once they had finished drinking together, the glasses would be broken to seal their romantic pact and ensure the beloved's return safe and sound from the front lines.

If you find yourself near the Trevi fountain, don't miss the opportunity to take a sip from the Fountain of Love! If you are thirsty for knowledge, consult the Acea Waidy Wow map to discover the most interesting itineraries and the history of many other fountains, from the less well-known to the most famous.