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6 Good reasons to buy second-hand clothes

Second-hand clothes

Choosing to buy used clothing has many economic and personal benefits. Like creative recycling, it is a solution that can protect the planet and its valuable resources: by buying used clothes, we can save resources and energy, avoid producing waste and polluting emissions, and also enrich our wardrobe!

Let's look at 6 good reasons why buying used clothing is a more conscious and convenient choice.

Why buy second-hand clothing

Walking through flea markets and visiting thrift stores, in addition to being an original and fun shopping experience, is also a greener way of life.

1. Environmental benefits: pollutes less

The fashion industry, after the oil industry, is one of the most polluting in the world. Huge amounts of energy, raw materials, water and non-renewable resources are used to produce new clothes, all elements that will not be returned to the planet.

In addition, transportation, sales, disposal and the use, for many stages of production, of pesticides, fertilizers and harmful emissions, contribute to pollution and damage to the environment. With simple and small precautions, we can reduce the possibility of these harmful agents being dispersed in the environment.

2. Reducing the purchase of fast fashion

Fast fashion is the production of clothes and clothing at very low cost. Born in the 1980s, this phenomenon has grown exponentially in the 2000s and has completely changed our way of shopping.

It is the purchase of low-quality new clothes that generally have a very fast turnover, increasing production, resource use and replacing long-lasting items. A model that is not sustainable that we could replace or alternate with upcycling, a more fun and unique way of shopping.

3. Giving life back to clothing

Choosing to buy second-hand clothes allows us to give life back to clothes in good condition that someone is no longer wearing: by recycling clothes we can find durable and high-quality treasures, a good way to find your own style and to wear unique pieces.

If you have clothes in your closet that you don't use, instead of leaving them to gather dust, you can opt for selling them: some popular apps allow you to sell or swap clothing and accessories. In this way you can help the environment and earn money directly from your own couch.

4. "Do I really need it?"

How many times do we buy unnecessary items, clothes that we may never wear, just for the pleasure of shopping?

We are falling more and more often into the trap of consumerism, buying things we don't need, in order to be happy. Buying used clothing forces us to stop and ask ourselves whether we really need what we are buying, whether it will be used and will not end up in a landfill.

5. The excellent value for money and savings

Saving the planet and money? It is absolutely possible. Buying second-hand and vintage clothes also helps save on costs: among second-hand clothing collections, very often you can find unique pieces, designer clothes at reduced prices and high-quality compositions.

6. Flea markets

Have you ever considered taking a walk through the streets of Rome, enjoying beautiful sunny Sundays by the Tiber, heading towards Porta Portese?

In every city you can find a quaint market where you can buy particular, unique and special items. From pants, jackets, skirts to shirts: just have a good look among the various stands, you are sure to find the right item for you.

A chance to spend less, get super deals, monitor environmental impact and preserve our precious resources.