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Nordic Walking: what it is, how it is practised and what are the benefits

Nordic Walking

A simple, complete sport that is suitable for everyone: with its famous poles, Nordic walking has become a worldwide trend, an increasingly popular activity among people of all ages.

If you enjoy walking, Nordic walking could become a faithful companion in taking your walks to the next level. Let's see what Nordic walking is how to use Nordic walking poles and what are the benefits of this activity.

What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is a style of alternative walking, an efficient and enjoyable workout that allows you to improve your health by walking. You only need two tools: the appropriate sticks and a lot of passion.

The inventor of Nordic walking is Finnish sports trainer Marko Kantaneva: in 1997, he decided to introduce this new walking technique in his degree thesis, unaware that it would become a real sport.

Initially popular among cross-country skiers as summer training, the Nordic walking technique gathers a community of enthusiasts, on a par with plogging. It is a versatile and inclusive sport, literally within everyone's reach: anyone can do Nordic walking, at any age and on any type of terrain.

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How do you walk with Nordic walking poles?

There is no Nordic walking without Nordic walking poles. Although they may appear to be for support, these practical tools are actually used to propel the stride: with the right precautions, the drive provided by the poles can be very effective health-wise.

But how do you practice Nordic walking? Before embarking on your adventure with poles, pay attention to your standard walk style, understand how to improve your movements and try to adopt good posture.

Keeping a regular and steady pace is the key to good Nordic walking. By alternating the movement of the poles while pushing the arm opposite the leg allows you to burn calories quickly and stimulates not only the leg muscles but also the middle-and upper body muscles. The ideal movement is to bring the left leg and right arm forward, then the right leg and left arm, respectively. Always remember that you must perform a correct rolling movement with every step, even when walking normally: place your heel on the ground, only then push on the toe to give you a better stride.

To get the most out of your Nordic walking session, while your body muscles are working, flex your torso slightly forward and contract your abdomen.

What are the health benefits of Nordic walking?

Practising Nordic walking correctly helps both the body and the mind!

  • It strengthens and tones 90% of the body muscles, thanks to the movement with sticks;
  • Increasing the heart rate and lung ventilation;
  • Allows you to burn 45% more calories than with normal walking;
  • Develops coordination and body endurance;
  • Helps reduce daily stress.