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Live sustainable, drink without plastic. Waidy WOW helps you take care of yourself and the environment, guiding you on a path that cares about People and the Planet.


With Waidy WOW you will learn about the paths of water, their history and the art that has accompanied them for centuries on a journey to discover your city.

The map

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Find over 50,000 water points on the territory.

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Discover the location, history and curiosities of fountains and water houses.

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Join the community and share your reviews.

Waidy WOW's impact

Adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with Waidy WOW and help reduce the use of plastic and CO2 emissions.

The routes

Create and explore new tours suggested by the community, retrace the stages of films and great stories connected to the water points of your city and discover the history of the fountains near you.


Waidy WOW paths adapt to your passions and your lifestyle. Choose whether to face them in total relaxation, during a training session or simply with the curiosity to discover symbolic places in your city.

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Join the Waidy WOW community and make a difference!

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