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Each week you can participate in new contests, which will allow you to challenge individual users or entire neighborhoods of your city. At each challenge you will be able to accumulate Hydra points, to be redeemed for rewards ... if the challenge is between neighborhoods, the prize at stake will allow yours to improve in quality. When registering, you will have to associate your profile with your neighborhood so that you can support it in collective contests.

The contest categories are: Green, Urban decor, Kids and Sport.

The green contest is a collective contest that rewards the neighborhood that will contribute most significantly to reducing the plastic in circulation. Each user, by filling the glass bottles in the water points of their area, thus reducing the consumption of plastic, will increase the Hydra points accumulated by their neighborhood. At the end of the challenge, thanks to the contribution of the Waidy Community, the neighborhood that has accumulated the most points will receive the prize up for grabs, a reward that will improve the livability and quality of the area.

The "urban decoration" contest is a collective challenge that will see the neighborhoods in the app compete against each other. Users will participate in the competition by checking the status of the fountains and water points in their neighborhood. Once they reach the fountain, after checking the conditions, participants will have to upload a photo of the same within the application in order to show its health. The neighborhood that will make the most reports will win the restoration of a fountain located within its borders. Users will also be enabled to consult archive images of each fountain. The goal is to encourage the collective participation of citizens in the monitoring and preservation of the urban water heritage.

The "Kids contest” is the best way to take children for a walk and give them the opportunity to discover the importance of the city's water network. Within the app, each user participating in the contest will be able to select a route that involves visiting multiple fountains or water points in their area. Once the user reaches the fountains included in his itinerary, he will have to scan the QR code of each of them to accumulate points. Each fountain will assign a score based on its position. Visiting the fountains will also be a great way to take a break from walking and hydrate properly without increasing the plastic in circulation. The contest will see the users divided into neighborhoods compete, each user will contribute with the accumulated points to increase the score of their neighborhood. The neighborhood that has accumulated the most points at the end of the contest will win the challenge and get a new playground in a park in the area.

The "Sport" contest will see athletes from each neighborhood compete within the app. To participate, users must select running routes that include different hydration points in the area. Taking the opportunity to hydrate while exercising, runners will be able to accumulate Hydra points and unlock new badges. At the end of the contest, the district whose users have accumulated the highest number of points will win the reconstruction of a stretch of the road surface in their area.

With Waidy you can propose a name for each water point in your city, a name that characterizes it, or vote for the name you prefer among those proposed by other users. The name most voted by the community will be officially attributed by Acea to the fountain. The more your profile is active on the app, the more your vote will acquire value.

The water points are all the water sources in your city: fountain, wall fountain, historic fountains and water house. With Waidy you can trace those closest to you, find out the origin and quality of its waters, know its history and report any faults.

Every time a user reaches a predefined goal in Waidy, he earns a badge.Goals are divided into themes: personal profile, personal hydration, environmental protection, hydration points, hydration and sport, social & friends sharing.

Focus on badges:

Personal profile

  • Welcome in Waidy: +5 hydra points
  • Profile completion: +15 hydra points

Personal hydration

  • First time that the daily hydration target is reached
  • First 5 liters of water drunk: +25 hydra points
  • First 25 liters of water drunk: +125 hydra points
  • First 50 liters of water drunk: +250 hydra points

Environmental Protection

  • The first 6 plastic bottles saved: +30 hydra points
  • The first 30 plastic bottles saved: +180 hydra points
  • The first 60 plastic bottles saved: +300 hydra points

Hydration points

  • The first drink at a drinking fountain: +15 hydra points
  • First check in at a drinking fountain: +15 hydra points
  • Review without photo: +15 hydra points
  • Review with photo: +15 hydra points
  • Historical detail display of fontanel / nasone: +15 hydra points
  • Check In historic fountain: +25 hydra points
  • Completion of check in at the five types of drinking fountains: +150 hydra points

Hydration and sport

  • First walk reaching 3 fountains: +45 hydra points
  • First race reaching 10 fountains: +150 hydra points
  • First 30 check-ins at different fountains: +450 hydra points
  • Checked in at all drinking fountains in your neighborhood: +2,500 hydra points

Social & friends sharing

  • The first share on social media: +15 hydra points
  • From the second share on social media: +5 hydra points
  • The first 5 friends invited: +50 hydra points
  • The first friend to signup from your invite: +45 hydra points
  • The first 5 friends who sign up from your invitation: +450 hydra points

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