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World Water Day: why does it matter?

World Water Day

Water is the basis of life. Nowadays, in the most developed countries, it is easy to think that water resources are available every time we turn on the tap. However, there are people all over the world who do not have access to safe, clean drinking water.

This is why the United Nations established World Water Day over thirty years ago: it is celebrated on March 22, dedicated to drawing attention to water-related issues.

The entire world needs water, and every drop is essential.

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day was created to raise awareness of the importance of water resources, essential for maintaining biodiversity. The main purpose of the celebration is to achieve Sustainable Development Goal SDG 6 of Agenda 2030, which is to provide access to water and sanitation services for the entire world population.

Each edition of World Water Day, established in 1992 as part of the directives of Agenda 21, focuses on a different related theme. For 2023, the United Nations has decided to raise public awareness of the correlation between water and climate change, the importance of reducing water waste, and adopting behaviors aimed at combating climate change.

The 2023 United Nations Water Conference, the most important and influential in the world for almost 50 years, will take place on World Water Day this year.

World Water Demand: Why do we need an international Water Day?

The shortage of drinking water in some areas of the Blue Planet has become a global emergency. The UNICEF 2019 data on water resources in the world reveals that 4.2 billion people do not have adequate sanitation services and 3 billion people do not have the necessary tools for basic hygiene such as handwashing.

Around the world, one in ten people does not have safe access to water, and almost 150 million people drink water from uncontrolled sources. Most people who do not have access to safe drinking water live in rural areas of less developed and poorer nations.

In the last twenty years, 2.1 billion people have had access to sanitation services, but still, 2 billion people do not have a toilet. Additionally, countries that have a regular water service tend to waste a lot of water by using more than necessary. Among these countries, Italy has one of the worst records in Europe, with a per capita consumption of 220 liters of water, compared to the European average of 165 liters.

It is clear from the analyzed data how important it is to create moments of community reflection and individual awareness of the importance of small actions to save water. Together we can try to reverse the trend, valorize and protect the blue gold.

What can we do to avoid a water crisis?

Everyone can make a difference in their family, school, or community. UN Water, on the occasion of World Water Day and the 2023 Water Conference, has shared some guidelines to adopt to make the most of this awareness event and embark on the right path to achieve Goal 6:

  • Save water: reduce your shower time, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or soaping dishes;
  • Break taboos: raise awareness among your friends about the need for clean and safe water in underdeveloped countries, especially for women and girls;
  • Make it equal: promote gender equality in household chores. In underdeveloped countries, women and girls usually have the responsibility of fetching water;
  • Flush safe: check pipes and repair any leaks;
  • Stop polluting: avoid dumping plastic objects, oil, medicine, or food residues into the drain;
  • Eat local: consume seasonal foods or products made with less water;
  • Be curious: discover where the water you drink comes from, the history of aqueducts and their environmental impact;
  • Protect nature: plant trees or create rain gardens to prevent flooding or water accumulation in your garden;
  • Clean up: participate in environmental conservation and cleaning initiatives, individually or collectively, or opt for a plogging session!

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