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Acea SmartComp: the future of smart compost within the citizen's reach

Acea SmartComp

The green future is within everyone's reach. Acea follows the EU Action Plan , adopting innovative practices and state-of-the-art tools to promote circular economy and sustainable growth.

In partnership with ENEA (Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development) and Tuscia University, Acea developed SmartComp: a compact solution that transforms organic waste into fertilizing compost, reduces carbon dioxide emissions and turns citizens into eco-friendly participants.

Acea SmartComp's role

Acea SmartComp mini composters optimize the organic waste handling, providing a simple and effective alternative to the linear disposal model and promoting a smooth transition to the smart cities.

SmartComp will play a fundamental role in closing the waste loop: the composters, incorporated into large crowded spaces, such as airports, cafeterias or stations, will allow you to handle organic waste at zero kilometre. SmartComp plants eliminate the distance between waste and product, cut down the management costs, enhance social awareness and reduce CO2 emissions (up to 500 kg of carbon dioxide saved for each ton of waste managed locally).

Society tends to conceive waste disposal as a distant, far from everyday life, process: the partnership between Acea, ENEA and Tuscia University will create a fragmented network of mini composters, spreading the notion that the environment can be helped from close by.

How does Acea SmartComp work?

Acea SmartComp is a smart composting machine: a system equipped with cutting-edge technologies that process waste and produce high quality compost directly from local organic waste.

Each mini-plant is equipped with a composting chamber that transforms organic waste in just a few easy steps: the waste is mechanically processed for a period ranging from one to three months, before maturing and losing moisture. The final result is a clean and pathogen-free high-quality compost, ready to re-enter the economic cycle as fertilizer

A state-of-the-art system growing also thanks to IT: multi-parameter sensors allow you to store the information sent from each plant in a dedicated cloud, while an advanced sensor technology enables you to monitor each composter's work and the product quality.

The circular community: an environmentally friendly future

After the launch of the Waidy WOW app for the protection, distribution and valorization of water resources, Acea SmartComp looks to a sustainable future, taking its first steps toward the new smart cities.

The vision that led to SmartComp goes beyond organic waste management, and involves every single citizen. Within a smart and green social ecosystem, users are no longer passive and take an active part in a project that merges human and economic values, building a real circular community brick by brick.