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Acea at Giffoni Film Festival with “La forma dell'Acqua”: sustainability in cinema and among young people

Acea Giffoni Film Festival

Accompanied by the applause of thousands of Giffoners, including outstanding speakers and enthusiastic young people, the 52nd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival has also come to a close. The event enriched the summer of young people from all over Italy from 21 to 30 July 2022, with the support of internationally renowned partners and sponsors, including Acea.

The partnership between Giffoni 2022 and Acea was born with the aim of raising the collective consciousness of the new generations with respect to the responsible use of water resources, reducing waste and looking towards a future of sustainability. Throughout the duration of the festival, in the Photocall area, young people were the key players of interviews on the themes of water, energy and sustainability, collected by Acea Reporters.

Challenge "La forma dell'acqua": the survey to find out how aware young people are of the precious and limited value of water resources.

The project that Acea brought to the Giffoni Film Festival is known as “La forma dell’acqua” . Flows that meet and contaminate each other: like water streams, generations can learn to confront each other and draw insights for growth.

The Giffoners have been invited to participate in a survey on water awareness through the Acea Waidy Wow App. More than 2.400 young people between the ages of 13 and 28 answered the call of sustainability, learning how their contribution can make the difference in safeguarding the planet.

The survey showed that only 53% is aware that about 8 litres of water per minute flow from the tap. 71% of the young people interviewed believe they consume about 50 litres of water per day, compared to the 220 litres per capita recorded by the IPSOS survey. Another relevant data is the fact that only 30% usually consumes tap water, thus reducing the supply chain and avoiding feeding the plastic cycle. In conclusion, the result of the survey has demonstrated the need for targeted environmental awareness-raising actions involving old and new generations, for a sustainable and conscious future.

Furthermore, the first 250 young people who downloaded the app and answered the survey received a were also gifted a branded Acea Waidy Wow water bottle: the perfect ally to fight waste at home, in the office, and to discover the most impressive places in the city and the Italy's water and cultural heritage in a sustainable way.

The Acea Waidy Wow treasure hunt: in search of the source of the golden spring and new water points.

The second challenge organized by Acea through the Acea Waidy Wow app was a real treasure hunt. From 22 to 27 July, the young people of the Giffoni Film Festival 2022 have been invited to wander through the fascinating stories of the most beautiful water spots between Salerno, Naples and Benevento.

In addition to competing in the treasure hunt, participants had the opportunity to enrich the Acea Waidy Wow archive with their own anecdotes, photos and curiosities of the water points they encountered.

Giffoni Impact Masterclass: water sustainability and conscious growth

The last of the Giffoni initiatives with a sustainable focus, a special Giffoni Impact Masterclass on "Water Sustainability and Conscious Growth" took place on the 29th of July.

Several socially relevant figures, including the top management of Acea, Gori and Gesesa, discussed the issue of individual citizen responsibility and resource conservation, presenting their own green case histories. Roberto Celestini, Head of Product Waidy Management System, took the opportunity to officially present the Waidy Management System - «A project born from the Acea group's idea to equip itself with an innovative digital tool to tackle the problem of sustainable water use. [...] User-friendly digital programming with artificial intelligence. These systems use data from internal and external sources, help to identify leaks in a timely manner, optimize the network, and better manage the water service».

Also new in 2022 is the Acea Sustainability Award: a special prize dedicated to the film that best dealt with the theme of environmental sustainability. The first edition of the prize was awarded to the director of “Super furball saves the future”, for its ability to raise young people's awareness of individual action and ecology, combining social and environmental issues.